Amiga Acid Mixtape Vol​.​1

by 8GB

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Little mixtape I recorded live using my two Amigas (one A1200 and one A600) and custom software in development by h0ffman/Unstable Label. There's nothing else on this mix, straight from the Amigas to the mixer to your ears! The wonders you can do with 2MB of RAM, huh?

It's made in one live shot except for when I forgot to put a new track and I had to make a little cut. You'll notice :P Sorry about the mistakes, the software is still a bit temperamental and at times hard to control.

Here's a video of me making this mix:

01 - ADR Design - Drop The Bass II
02 - Biglupu - Plastik Buttons
03 - Kure - The Funky 303 Drive
04 - Plauze - Acid Fever
05 - Kure - Ultraviolent Dreams
06 - Slice - AMG-303
07 - Substance - 101-versus-909
08 - Noisy Abdul - Drunk House
09 - Marc - Acid Attack
10 - Spot - Break the Box
11 - Substance - Rhythm of Acid
12 - Substance - TB303 Funks Up TR808
13 - Juice - Scenewars


released 15 May 2013

Big ups to all the original composers for making such fantastic tunes on such a great machine!!




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